Health and fitness are a passion of mine — not an extra or hobby; they are deeply woven into my life. And what I hate to see most is my clients give up and fail.

Losing weight, eating healthy and getting in shape are not easy tasks, especially if you’ve never been in the habit or been out of the habit for an extended period of time.

So here are my top 5 reasons why people fail to reach their goals:


You want to lose too much too fast…

You go into a nutrition plan believing you will NEVER cheat.

You think every workout will feel great.

You expect to see results immediately.

Getting fit and healthy takes time and dedication. You will have failures along the way but the only true failure you can have is if you quit. Come up with realistic short-term goals and when you eat that piece of chocolate forgive yourself and move on and move forward.


You are eating clean foods but eating way too many calories worth (70% of your results will come from the kitchen).

You plan to train but then don’t actually do it.

You are not faithfully sticking to the plan given to you.

You think that if other people don’t see you cheat it doesn’t count.

You do your workouts with zero effort but think it will work because you completed it. You give up when you feel the burn. You quit when you start to sweat. You throw in the towel when you start to breathe hard.

You don’t have to be READY to get in gear, you just have to be willing.Throw away all the junk. Prep your meals in advance. Track every, single thing you eat and do with HONESTY. Get sweaty and enjoy the burn. Most importantly, be comfortable being uncomfortable. Change is never easy but it’s always worth it.


Your motivation will ebb and flow when jumping on a fitness journey but if you don’t have a very clear reason WHY you are doing this you will lack commitment when the going gets tough.

Your WHY should be so strong that nothing can stop you.


You set a major goal but you fail to plan the small milestones along that path to success.

You fail to plan what obstacles you will encounter and what you will do to overcome them.

You fail to plan the weekly and daily tasks such as what you will eat each day and what time you will workout.

In order for anyone to achieve a goal, big or small, fitness or not, there must be a plan in place. A solid, no excuses plan, with clear strategy and an understanding that it is going to take hard work.


Did you know you can increase your chances of success by 85% simply by having accountability?

When people are held to their own devices they do not feel guilty quitting (which is sad that we don’t have a problem quitting on ourselves!)

The simple act of telling someone what your goals are, how you are going to get there and asking for support along the way can make or break your success.

There are resources everywhere to help hold you accountable… or simply ask a friend, SO or spouse to tag along on the journey with you!


So to flip this…If you want to succeed:

  1. Be realistic about your goals
  2. Be honest (and forgive yourself when you stumble)
  3. Know your why and hold onto it with white knuckles
  4. Have a clear plan, set milestones, and have tactics in place to overcome roadblocks when you encounter them
  5. Tell someone what you are doing and ask them to hold you accountable


** If you are seeking help with health and fitness and don’t know where to start shoot me an email!

I’d love to help!

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