Imperfection is the New Perfection

Families and marriages are far from perfect … and its trending.

Going public with faults, difficulties and struggles is the norm, and I applaud it.

For so many generations, people lived with the expectation of perfection. Now that we are out of the era where family strife was a guarded secret, where children were always clean and perfectly dressed, where egos were stronger than empathy, and where no matter how hard life got, failure NOT admitted, will imperfection begin to reign?

Thanks to the glory of social media and the trend of HONESTY, people are now putting their reality front and center. The public admittance that toddlers are raging lunatics (or possibly sociopaths), that marriage is hard work, and that we do not feel guilty when our kids fall asleep so we can finally have a quiet moment are all indicators that we are beginning to open up. As a society, we are beginning to air our mountains of unfolded laundry to whoever will LOL or emoji high-five us  just for making it through the day.

At first this idea was off-putting to me and I assumed this to be attention-seeking behavior.

Until I gave it a try.

I posted my first tantrum photo when my daughter was 2 years old. It was my first attempt at pigtails and she was NOT pleased…seeing as this was my hair-styling debut they were probably too tight so the tantrum was most likely justified…So I put that pic loud and proud on IG and FB.

The result?


Every other parent out there, no matter how old their children were, understood the teeth-grinding affect of the toddler wail. They also understood my desire to laugh and point at the ridiculous scene in front of me (I mean, a screaming toddle with a mullet in pigtails?? Come on!!)

So I began to see this sharing as something more than attention-seeking. IT IS THERAPY! It was cathartic, like “Look at my messy life! Here it is! I’m not going to stress over the need to show perfection anymore!”


And I realized, why would people with normal life problems pay a stranger to listen to their gripes about their kids making them crazy, about the stupid tiff they got into with their spouse, and how life is not always its cracked up to be?? Why pay, when we can use social media to open up to strangers for free!?

What I’ve seen and felt is that, for once, instead of pushing each other away, people are joining together to offer support, laughs, and the much-needed “oh man I’ve been there too, don’t worry it’ll get easier!”?

So let’s continue to ditch the highlight reel (don’t get me wrong, please still celebrate those moments when it all falls into place), but lets also celebrate the fact that life is a roller coaster, and even though we may have never met, we can be there for each other — we can lift each other up and we can get through this crazy life together.


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