There are millions of articles now telling us how to mom.

Millions of books

Buzzfeed lists

Pinterest Boards



Facebook groups

The list goes on and on and on.


So in a world full of people telling you how to parent your children, I tell you this:



Treat your children kindly.

Make them laugh.

Make them feel loved.

Give them boundaries.

Feed them.

And know this is enough.


Do not feel the need to keep up with the Tiger Moms, the Helicopter Parents, The Fab Moms, The Hot-Mess Moms (please, oh please, don’t compete for who’s life is messier!), The Volunteer Moms or the Pinterest Moms.

There’s no way to keep up with all of the hot trends on how to parent anymore.

Cry it out; no, don’t let them cry, they’ll feel unloved.

Push them in academics and sports; no, don’t push them, they’ll push you away.

Talk through their emotional melt-downs; no, don’t talk to them, walk away.

Give them gender-neutral toys; no, get them what they want, it’s in their nature.



Do you think our parents went through this in the 70’s and 80’s  with us? NO!

Why not?

I’ll tell you. Social Media, that’s why!


Social Media has cause a Trending Frenzy of mom-sharks who jump at each other’s throats the moment they smell blood (or see skinned knees because you didn’t put knee pads on your kid riding their trike).

It has created what I call MOM-BOTS: the meticulous, trend-conscious mamas who follow every child-psychology article to a T on the current do’s and don’t’s of parenting.

I say, if your kid is smiling 75% of the day, knows that you love them and is on the path to becoming a kind human-being, then congratulate yourself.

You’re winning.

You’re awesome.

And I applaud you.


Author: kellyspencerfitness

I'm a mom of two wonderfully wild kiddos with more personality than my heart has room for! I'm a runner, a coach and try to find a healthy balance in my life with gummy bears and green veggies. I try to see the positive in all situations and absolutely abhor complaining (its exhausting). Be happy and be kind (to others and yourself).

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