Getting the crew out of bed, organized and out the door in the morning can be a monumental task without the right preparation, planning and discipline.

Believe it or not, having a relaxing AND productive, unrushed morning is possible WITH kids.

Here are 4 easy tips on how to flow through your morning with some semblance of ease that we use in our family on a daily basis!

  • PM PREP!
    • After the kids go to sleep, I know you are exhausted and want that glass of wine but trust me, if you take 30 minutes to prepare for the morning, it will eliminate so much stress the next day. You can also make it an adult-time event. My hubs and I will pour the vino, turn on NPR (yes, hippie dorks) and use that time to catch up with each other in the kitchen rather than zombie-it-out in front of the TV. Here are a few preps you can do!
      • Clothes laid out (even for the adults): this allows you to hem and haw over what you want to wear at a more relaxed pace as well as allow the kids to pick out what they want to wear so its not a fight in the morning.
      • Lunches and bottles made AND bagged up.
      • Coffee pot prepped (and scheduled if you have a fancy one).
      • Do the dishes at night.
    • Sit down with your SO and write down everything that needs to happen in the morning and at what times. Hold each other accountable by posting these somewhere in site.
    • Give yourself a 15 minute buffer between being finished with everything and walking out the door.
    • Give the kids (if they are old enough) some chores they need to do as well, even if it is as small as putting their own shoes on or feeding the dog.
    • Adults need to get up and dressed first – even if that means starting to wake up earlier! Your kids should not be your alarm clock!
    • If your kids are slow to rise, start nudging them early on.
    • Have breakfast for the kids ready and on the table before they come downstairs – you don’t want crabby hungry tiny humans whining at your feet for oatmeal. Whining = stress.
    • Don’t fear the carseat breakfast if necessary! We go for bananas, cheerios and milk often if eating at the table is taking too long.
    • Give countdowns to how long you all have until you need to be in the car (I tend to announce loudly!)
    • Have a place to set the baby down while you get ready –I know you want to snuggle the peanut as long as possible but it fails to become quality time when you’re racing around in a frenzy while holding her. It’s better to have frequent calm interactions rather than stressed-out constant interaction.
    • Load the car before loading the kids – this way when they start with         “uppy mommy!” you have the arms to provide this.
    • Sticker charts !
      • For no whining in the morning… one week full of stickers = some fun SMALL reward
      • For completing chores
      • For getting dressed or brushing teeth on their own
      • Have a specific pain point? Use the chart for that instead.

The more prepared and communicative you are, the more relaxing your morning will be. Enlist help if you need it and most importantly smile and have fun with your kids…I find mine to be the funniest in the morning!


  1. Having a routine is very important. I used to have my girls lay out their own clothes. That way we didn’t have fashion choice friction and the routine became a family thing instead of a “mom chore”.

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  2. So true. When I went into families’ homes to support them in using more proactive parents skills it was always The mornings that the struggled the most with.
    Routine, having what needs to get done visable and sticking to it was essential. Another thing that is awesome is going over it as a family meeting as to what everyone thought went well and expectation did not go well and why. It is great when a parent shares what they did that was not helpful like “I did not get much sleep last night so I was slower at what I needed to do ” ask kids for suggestions. This is good modeling for them.

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