Stress is a bitch. It can truly eat you alive.

Our natural habits under difficult situations always seem to be unhealthy, which is ironic. Bad things happen to us so we do more bad things to ourselves?? Why??

Since I began coaching, I have spent a lot of time working on myself. I mean, I can’t ask people to look deep inside themselves and focus on change and betterment if I am not willing to do the same.

And so, in this self reflection,  I realized that I needed to improve most upon was stress management. And in the process of deep-diving into my crazy psyche I found some outlets that actually improve the way I feel rather than push me further into a dark hole.

Here are my top tips to handle stress in a healthy way…and if these don’t work, by all means go for the Ben & Jerry’s!

  1. EXERCISE. Reese Witherspoon wasn’t lying when she said “exercise makes you happy and happy people don’t just kill their husbands!” Don’t get me wrong, your problems will still be there, but you will be more alert and optimistic when dealing with them rather than sluggish and avoiding them.
  2. DIVE IN HEAD FIRST. Have anxiety over something happening in your life? Or something or someone you need to confront? Putting it off it not going to make it go away. Making it go away will make it go away. So confront the issue. Do it quick and move on. Putting off just makes you feel like crap longer.
  3. WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Writing is a great way to get all of the thoughts in your head into one location in an organized manner. It removes the emotion from the situation (depending on how many expletives and punctuation marks you use) and gives you a new perspective. My husband and I actually do this when we have a fight that seems like it can’t be solved by talking it out. We write it all down, exchange letters and then sit down to discuss.
  4. DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. No brainer right? Well, not for most people. Most people go do destructive things and wake up the next day less happy than the day before. Get your nails done, play cards with your friends, go shoot hoops with the guys, cook, clean WHATEVER!! Just figure out the things that make you most happy and do them.
  5. GET THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SLEEP. A lot of people, in an effort to avoid their problems will sleep too much. Too much sleep leads to a depressive state furthering your problematic mood. Stick to a normal sleep schedule so your brain is alert and ready to tackle anything!

The point is…when life hand you lemons, don’t go making sugary, acidic lemonade that does nothing good for you except tasting good in the moment. Make a refreshing lemon-infused water that wakes up your senses, gets you going and helps solve the problems instead of worsening them.




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