I have so much to say about people who complain about things that are 100% in their control.

“I’m fat”

“I don’t eat well”

“I have no motivation”

“My kids are out of control”

“I have no money”

If you are unwilling to fix the problem that is bothering you then do not complain about it. By not being proactive and at least trying to fix the problem you are saying to the world that you are OK with the way things are, and if you are OK, then you should not complain.


“I’m fat” Then workout. There are plenty of resources to help you get in shape. I am one of them. And if you’re just saying it so people say “no you’re not you’re perfect” then stop, and tell yourself that you are perfect because that is the only person that matters telling you that.

“I don’t eat well” Then don’t buy garbage and don’t eat it. Buy vegetables. Look up recipes online, they’re free.

“I have no motivation” Nobody does, the successful ones have discipline. And discipline can be learned.

“My kids are out of control” Set limits and boundaries and stick to your rules you set. No empty threats, no bargaining, no compromise. Turn the TV off and play with them.

“I have no money” Stop spending on unnecessary things. Get a side job that you can do from home. Network marketing jobs are quite lucrative.

Point is, there is no point in complaining. It gets you nowhere, it wastes time and it drives other people crazy.

yes, I just complained about complainers. #callingmyselfout


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