I’ve been at a coaching summit for the past few days and have been surrounded by the most inspiring motivation people I could ever hope to know. Truly beautiful souls that want to see the world succeed. 

Many of us are new moms so thanks to our wonderful company they set up New Mom Rooms for pumping, breastfeeding, baby changing and snuggling…which was so painful because I’m missing my nugget like crazy! 

And any sort of room set for moms naturally becomes the hair salon for gossip and talk of babies! 

A brand new mom sat next to me pumping, her 3 month old baby at home, and told me that she was pumping every 2 hours while at Summit because of the pressure she was getting from her family to keep breastfeeding. The poor girl could only get a couple ounces out and was so guilt ridden she was almost in tears!

SERIOUSLY WTF?!?! After being surrounded by such supportive women for days I forgot about the judges out there… breastfeeding vs formula; baby wearing vs strollers; kid harnesses…cribs…cosleepers….AAHHHH!! 

Just stop. If a kid is safe, happy, healthy and loved keep your mouth shut. Shhhh! Shut it! Real women raise each other up, they don’t tear each other down. 

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I'm a mom of two wonderfully wild kiddos with more personality than my heart has room for! I'm a runner, a coach and try to find a healthy balance in my life with gummy bears and green veggies. I try to see the positive in all situations and absolutely abhor complaining (its exhausting). Be happy and be kind (to others and yourself).

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