When Did We Learn How To Quit?

And if it is in fact learned, it means we can unlearn it right??

I watched my baby struggle to try to crawl today. She tried and tried and tried and I KNOW that she will succeed.

Because babies don’t know how to quit. Why can we always take so many cues from babies??

They don’t quit screeching when they’re hungry, they don’t quit crying when they need to be changed, they don’t quit learning how to walk or crawl even though they fall over countless times.

So when do we learn to quit?

Did our parents teach through modeling what to do when they got frustrated? Did their parents teach them? Is it to soften the blow of an undesirable outcome, to avoid facing failure?

Is it because we say to our kids “no you can’t climb up there its too high”, or “that kid is too big too play with” or when they fail at an attempt we say “its okay, you’re just a kid”?

As I was trying to research whether or not these are learned behaviors or if they just develop in the brain at a certain point I read a blog that said “failures force us to quit”… I wholeheartedly disagree!!

We choose to quit. Failures simply become the rationalization for that choice. But we choose it ourselves.

Adversity will always present itself in our lives and we need to be okay with that when it does. We don’t have to feel good about it, but we need to understand that it is a law of nature. Life can’t be perfect all of the time. It is how you react to that adversity that determines where you will go in life. What your story will look like in the last chapter.

So take a moment today to look at the things you have quit in your life and what the reasoning was.

Was it because you truly didn’t enjoy what you were doing? If so, good for you!

Or was it because you came across some adversity and let it win? If so, you need to get back out there my friend! Start crawling if you have to!!


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