The settlers who took over America were assholes, but they were determined assholes. They did anything BUT settle when it came to their goals. What they did do, was kick their feet up and get nice and comfy by the fire once they had achieved them! (Actually they were probably out fighting grizzly bears and chopping down wood and reaping the land so there probably was no settling to be had at all!)


The word settle originally meant to adopt a steady life, a secure life (I’m not so sure the original settlers had a secure life anyway!) So, when did steady and secure begin to mean life-sucking and boring?

As parent’s we understand that we have to make money. Those tiny little birds with their beaks pointed to the sky chirping incessantly to be fed can’t get out there and bring home the bacon for themselves!

But when did making a paycheck as a parent become a synonym for settling? When did making a paycheck start meaning we had to give up what we love? When did making a paycheck start meaning we had to change who we were from walking out of the office to walking in our front door?


How many times have you heard or said “well, I hate my job, but _________ won’t pay the bills!”

We live in an era where __________ can pay the bills! There are so many freaking opportunities out there in the world to live your passion!!

We have one life. ONE LIFE.

When you are laying on your deathbed, do you want to say, “well, I’m glad I saved an extra 100k for retirement,” or do you want to be saying “I am so happy for the life I had and the people I’ve known and the experiences I made!”

Yes, we need to pay the bills. But squeaking by while being gloriously happy trumps living in comfort while dreading Monday every week.

If you believe in what you, love what you do, the money will come.

And if it doesn’t, at least you can say you tried. And you don’t have to tell your kids that live life means to give up before even trying.

And to prove to you that your passions can pay the bills check out this list of the Top 15 Interesting, Unique and Weird Jobs!


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