Worrying is human nature. We all do it.  We do it in times of individual stress and we do in times of crisis for the ones we love. But worrying left to sit on its own is a putrid, nasty little virus that eats away at you and spreads to others quickly. It causes side affects such a lack of sleep, anxiety, complaining, and antsiness.

It strikes us when we are helpless, or we feel helpless.

Waiting for a loved one to get out of surgery, watching our kids deal with a bully, waiting to hear how our child does on a test, fearing where the next paycheck will come from… all of these types of things eat us alove. Those are just examples…but today, today is real. My greatest worry is this huge fucking storm devastating The Caribbean where I have dear friends hunkered down. unnamed (1)

So when worry hits, there is one great cure.


Whether its something to help those in crisis or something to keep your mind busy until you receive definitive news. Because its living in the land of the unknown that causes this malaise.

So if it’s writing out your feelings like I do, if its researching the ways you can help once the storm has passed like I am doing, or if it’s cleaning your house to wait for word that your peeps are safe, do something. It’s healthier for everyone involved.

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