It’s upon us again. The football games, the bulky sweaters, the crispness to the air. All of this wonderfulness surrounding us with the cozy feels of fall.

Is there anything better than throwing on the chunky sweater or that Alma-Mater hoodie and heading to a friend’s house for beers, appies and bbq to watch the big game?

But lest we forget…this is the season where the little things DO add up. And just because we’re covering up with our turtle-necks and hoodies doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

The food, the late nights, the beers. All of these can completely destroy any healthy routines you had in place over the summer. Your perfectly adhered-to diet, your early morning yoga or runs, your “only drink on the weekend” rules etc. All of it can fall off (just like the leaves) in a second!

So rather than undo everything you’ve worked for and then have to make a New Years resolution when you realize how far its gone, keep the work going but adapt it to the cozy vibes of autumn.

Recipes like chili, butternut squash soup, and even spaghetti can all be made healthily and easily! Workouts can be moved outside and your morning routine can be made even cozier with the right touches.

Here are a few tips on how to stay on track so your NYR can be something fun like skydiving or getting rich!!

  1. Meal prep cozy healthy meals. Homemade turkey chili or white chicken chili are great options. Or sub out pasta for spaghetti squash or cook a delectable soup out lentils or squash. Check out my Pinterest for more ideas! Kelly Spencer Fall Recipe Ideas
  2. Utilize the seasonal food to your advantage. Squash, zucchini, pumpkins, apples are all in full harvest so they are also a lot cheaper. Rather than hitting up your grocery store, head out to pick-your-own farms with the family for some exercise and fun. Plan ahead though and don’t pick too much or you’ll end up wasting a lot. Have back-up recipes in case you do end up with overflow (like applesauce and soups!)
  3. Take it outside! The summer is brutal for running and working out outside. The fall is every athletes dream. Go for a foliage trail run, hit up outdoor climbing wall, kayak or canoe while the air is chilly and the water is warm. Bike rides, family walks, pick-up soccer games are all amazing ways to burn off the calories and get some fresh air!
  4. It’s hard to say no to the beer at the football games, I know, so instead come prepared with a low-cal option like hard sparkling water (I love is White Claw!).
  5. Continue to get up early! Just because it’s darker doesn’t mean the clock has changed. To enjoy your routine and entice yourself out of bed invest in come flavored coffee like hazelnut, cinnamon or pumpkin…just don’t go get the flavored creamer or specialty drinks at you-know-where every day!

So as you can see you fall does not have to be your undoing! It can generate new ideas for recipes, fun ways to stay in shape that involve the whole family and additional options for drinks! Most of all, enjoy this special time of year!


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