I  feel like being nice today. And I am hungry, so with that, you get FOOD!!

Grocery shopping is like cilantro. People either love it or hate it.

I personally live for it. (Not cilantro…that shit is fucking disgusting!!)cv07QpA

But Grocery shopping…oh man…I feel like every trip to Aldi is an adventure!

I also love putting all of my groceries away in neat and tidy locations, just where they belong in the fridge. Sigh…makes me smile! Yes I’m weird.

So with my weirdness I’ve made a fun little list for you all.

The perfect grocery list for healthy foods to get you through the aisles.

Remember, don’t buy all of these things, just pic and choose based on your recipes!

And don’t forget, if you need recipes, check out my Pinterest…it’s choc full of them!

And if you need Meal Prep Ideas, check out these POSTS!!

food list


Yes, I’ve written about ways to save time and money when it comes to food before but I’m kind of obsessed so I’m doing it again.

I love that Meal-prepping is a hack.. and now I’ve come up with 5 ways to hack the hack!

Once I started working from home I thought I could bail on the meal prepping.


I actually need it now more than ever. Working from home does not have as much structure or consistency as a normal ninetofive. It also allows me to wander into the kitchen aimlessly and pick at food I shouldn’t be…and that shouldn’t even be in there!

So I decided MPing is back on in this house and I want to share by top tips to saving moola, time and energy is the process.



Pick 4 recipes for dinners and make enough for 3 nights of left-over meals. Chilli, casseroles, soups and stuffed cabbages are great for these.


Pick recipes that have carryover ingredients while still remaining in different genres. Examples are chicken tacos, chicken casseroles and chicken salad for lunch. This way you can bake all the chicken at the same time but it will go into 3 very different meals. And buying in bulk is always best/saves the most money.


Go through your fridge before shopping to see what is left for fruits and veggies that you can incorporate into this next week of meals. Leftover veggies are great for soups, cabbage “keeps” forever, freeze your fruit for smoothies for breakfast etc. Wasting is BAD! You should never have an overflowing garbage can when loading up your fridge after going to the store.


Pick recipes that allow you to cook things at the same temperatures. Being able to bake chicken while also baking a “one sheet pan” recipe of steak or sausage allows you to throw it all in at once!


Pick recipes that allow you to have different cooking methods that can be going all at the same time, i.e. crock potting chili, stove-topping soup and baking chicken. This will seriously cut down on time.

Bonus: Plan to be able to use your scraps! GET CREATIVE!! I made a one-sheet pan recipe today with sausage and cabbage and used my leftover cabbage for Greek Yogurt coleslaw! Win Win!



I hate wasting money but I hate wasting food more. There are too many people in the world without enough of it for us to be throwing it away just because we get lazy. Here are my top food hacks to save your food before it goes bad which, in turn, will save you money.

  1. Fruit Water
    1. Fruit goes bad the fastest in our house. When it’s on the verge, when it starts getting a little soggy and before the mold takes hold, slice it all up and throw it in a pitcher of water. This can be refilled a few times over 24 hours with it still tasting great! Plus it’ll help you get the hydration you need.
  2. Soups
    1. Soups are a soup-er (hehe) easy way to combine a bunch of foods about to go bad into a bulk (and freezable) meal. Add a few bullion cubes or beef/chicken/veggie stock and toss in whatever seems good! Add some bean or meat for some protein! Just make sure to label it when you put it in the freezer so you know how long its been in there.
  3. Snack Bags
    1. Pretzels, goldfish, raisins…you have 10 bags with a few crumbs left in each…combine into small zipper-lock lunch bags for easy-to-hand-out snacks for the kids. You can even keep them in an easy to reach location so they don’t have to ask over and over again!
  4. Stir Fry Bags
    1. This is one of my favorites for couples where one half does not know how to cook…in this case it is my husband. When the veggies are on the out I like to throw them all into a freezer storage bag, add a smaller bag filled with your favorite sauce combos (soy, teriyaki…) which also freeze very well! On nights when the usual cook doesn’t have it in them, have the other half throw it all in a sauce pan and voila!
  5. Casseroles
    1. As long as you have a pasta or rice on hand this usually makes a very fast and easy meal for left overs that are headed to the curb. Chicken, veggies, some form of starch, an easy-to-make roux or can of cream-of-something soup…leftovers extended!
  6. Popsicles
    1. Yogurt, juice, fruit…about to hit the expiration date? Throw it in a blender, pop it in the freezer and you have a summer treat thats healthy and cheap and the kids are none the wiser.

You’d be surprised how long you can stretch your budget and your fridge contents if you really put your mind to it!


There are millions of articles now telling us how to mom.

Millions of books

Buzzfeed lists

Pinterest Boards



Facebook groups

The list goes on and on and on.


So in a world full of people telling you how to parent your children, I tell you this:



Treat your children kindly.

Make them laugh.

Make them feel loved.

Give them boundaries.

Feed them.

And know this is enough.


Do not feel the need to keep up with the Tiger Moms, the Helicopter Parents, The Fab Moms, The Hot-Mess Moms (please, oh please, don’t compete for who’s life is messier!), The Volunteer Moms or the Pinterest Moms.

There’s no way to keep up with all of the hot trends on how to parent anymore.

Cry it out; no, don’t let them cry, they’ll feel unloved.

Push them in academics and sports; no, don’t push them, they’ll push you away.

Talk through their emotional melt-downs; no, don’t talk to them, walk away.

Give them gender-neutral toys; no, get them what they want, it’s in their nature.



Do you think our parents went through this in the 70’s and 80’s  with us? NO!

Why not?

I’ll tell you. Social Media, that’s why!


Social Media has cause a Trending Frenzy of mom-sharks who jump at each other’s throats the moment they smell blood (or see skinned knees because you didn’t put knee pads on your kid riding their trike).

It has created what I call MOM-BOTS: the meticulous, trend-conscious mamas who follow every child-psychology article to a T on the current do’s and don’t’s of parenting.

I say, if your kid is smiling 75% of the day, knows that you love them and is on the path to becoming a kind human-being, then congratulate yourself.

You’re winning.

You’re awesome.

And I applaud you.